Transparent, film by Gunilla Leander

A film still from my film "Transparent".

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Here are some images from the exhibition at Härnösands konsthall, 3 December 2016 - 4 February 2017. An exhibition together with Gunilla Wiel-Svensson.

All of my works will be presented separately later on. Until then, here are som snapshots.


» Härnösands Allehanda 2016-12-14 (in Swedish).
» As Pdf
» Volym Konsttidningen 2016-12-15 (in Swedish).
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I present two film works, one sound work and a photo series in this exhibition.

Photo series with eight photos by Gunilla Leander.
I present four photos with the younger couple in this exhibition.

Concept, image processing and realization: Gunilla Leander
The younger couple: Anton L Samuelsson and Astrid Jansson
The older couple: Lennart Hagman and Sollan Solveig Dahlman (presented at Södertälje konsthall)
Photographer: Ulf Aneer

Falling, photos by Gunilla Leander
Two photos from "Falling". In the middle the film "Transparent".


Relaxation News
Sound work by Gunilla Leander.
The voice: Maria Ericson
The music: Ulf Wakenius
Concept and realization: Gunilla Leander

"Relaxation News" is a reflection of the massive flow of news, news we hear every day - terrorism, murder, rape, pollution etc. It is like no news are worth to be presented if they are not filled with horror, blood and disaster.

"Relaxation News" is a way to survive the flow. A gentle voice is reading the news to the sound of beautiful relaxed music.

Relaxation News, sound work by Gunilla Leander
This sound work was presented at the entrance of the art hall. A chair, a parasol, a small cabinet with a photo of flowers . Just sit down and relax ...


Film work by Gunilla Leander.
Actor: Kittirung Numcharoen
Concept and realization: Gunilla Leander

A wide range of emotions are presented in this film. The man is angry, superior, praying, uncertain, happy .., all the time with an outstretched hand.

Handover, film by Gunilla Leander
The exhibition was on the second floor and this film met the visitors.


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