Art works by Gunilla Leander

To the left a video still from the video "Handover".
In the middle part of the photo series Falling.



Here are images from the exhibition at Södertälje Konsthall, Sweden, 7 August - 9 Oktober 2016.
Next stop Härnösands konsthall 3 December 2016 - 4 February 2017. An exhibition together with Gunilla Wiel-Svensson.

All of my works will be presented separately later on. Until then, here are som snapshots.

Art work by Gunilla Leander
Straight ahead a video still from my video "Transparent".


I present 5 works in this exhibition. Three video works, one sound work and a photo series.

A photo series with 8 photos of two couples, by Gunilla Leander.

The younger couple: Anton L Samuelsson and Astrid Jansson
The older couple: Lennart Hagman and Sollan Solveig Dahlman
Concept, image processing and realization: Gunilla Leander
Photographer: Ulf Aneer

Falling, photos by Gunilla Leander


Falling, photos by Gunilla Leander


A video work by Gunilla Leander.

A wide range of emotions are presented in this video. The man is angry, superior, praying, uncertain, happy .., all the time with an outstretched hand.

Actor: Kittirung Numcharoen
Concept and realization: Gunilla Leander


Handover, film by Gunilla Leander


Relaxation News
A sound work by Gunilla Leander.

The voice: Maria Ericson
The music: Ulf Wakenius
Concept and realization: Gunilla Leander

"Relaxation News" is a reflection of the massive flow of news, news we hear every day - terrorism, murder, rape, pollution etc. It is like no news are worth to be presented if they are not filled with horror, blood and disaster.

"Relaxation News" is a way to survive the flow. A gentle voice is reading the news to the sound of beautiful relaxed music.


Relaxation News, sound work by Gunilla Leander


A video work by Gunilla Leander.

Transparent, film by Gunilla Leander


Kitti Kitti Bang Bang
A video work by Gunilla Leander.

Film by Gunilla Leander