eco.defence research
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eco.defence research
Omori Belport, Tokyo, November 2001

Interactive installation with flower, computer and sound

My work refers to the "Baxter Effect", where Clive Baxter, a polygraph expert, conducted research on plants, by connecting them to polygraphic equipment and observing their reactions. He proved scientifically that plants could think and respond; and that these responses were similar to those of humans, also experiencing stressful conditions.

This phenomenon was sensed by humans in previous ages but appears to be an ability we have lost / or are losing, living, as most of us do, so far removed from Nature. Instead, we believe that we can control Nature through our development of Technology. In this work; a flower is treated like an animal in a will react with fear when a human approaches and comes too close..... Sensors measure these responses which are converted to an audio signal which you are able to hear, through a loud-speaker system.

| Test the flower |

Basic Stamp: Petter Feltenstedt

Gunilla Leander

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