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Kretslopp / Cycle
Galleri Knabro, Copenhagen 1994

I was interested in the resemblance between nature and human being, the way everything bloom and come to an end, moulder to give new life. A cycle where human being is just a part and under the same premisses as nature.

First room: Three empty basins and three boxes filled with belongins from people.

In the second room six basins were standing on the floor, looking clean and beautiful at distance. They were filled with traces from human being.

On the wall, human "paintings" (hair and paraffin on glass), corresponding to the leafpaintings in the third room.

Third room: Leaf "paintings" - leafs pasted on plates.

In the backyard a bath was placed filled with leafs and two chairs. A moment of contemplation for the visitors.

Gunilla Leander