sunday - an art auction

Photo: Hans Skoglund

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Sunday an Art auction
Heland Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm 1996
concept, performance

At this auction I sold out everything I´ve made uptil then, paintings, objects, installations, sculptures. Two hundred works of various quality.

Reason. I had experienced an increasing dissolution of values in my own and other artists works. Everything I saw remained indifferent. I draw the conclusion, that the constant demand of renewal make ideas old the same minute they are produced.

As a consequence I decided to treat my works as any consumtion product in society. These works, however good as artworks they were considered, were forfeit.

The auction suited my purpose. Not the cultivated Art auction, (where art has a value) but the more simple form, where you can by everything cheap - if, you are fast enough.

Realization: The project was treated and advertised like any product. An auction agency took care of the auction. The public had only one chance to see the works, the same day they were sold out. "See it now, Buy it now, Tomorrow is to late".

About a thousand people came, mingled, bought cheap. Some embarrasingly bad works, some extremely good. All treated the same way. They paid like 20 $ for a giant painting. The reactions were many. They bought with mixed feelings, aware of their avariciousness, and that something was very wrong with this project.

© Gunilla Leander