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Seven Waters, film still, video installation at Storsjöbadet, Östersund

Seven Waters
By Gunilla Leander

Permanent video installation for two screens placed in Storsjöbadet (public baths), Östersund, Sweden. A commission for Statens konstråd in cooperation with the municipality of Östersund. The opening was 5 September 2008.

Seven Waters is a fairy-tale with a boy moving stones between seven waters to make his mother come back. A wise man is giving him advice.
» Läs sagan som den presenteras på badhuset (in Swedish)
» Läs Kirse Junge-Stevnsborgs text till Statens konstråd (in Swedish)
» Read Kirse Junge-Stevnsborg's text (in English)

Video installation: Gunilla Leander
Director of Photography - Above water: Ulf Aneer
Director of Photography - Under water: Tony Holm
Director of Photography - Under water: Armin Mück

The Boy: Jesper Munkeby
The Wise man: Nils-Axel Didriksson (Didrik)
Several people from Östersund

Technical engineer: Petter Feltenstedt

Photo: Johan Markusson

Many thanks to Sharp
Their professional 52” LCD-monitors are used in Seven Waters.

Many thanks to:
Mimmi and Lars Munkeby, parents and part of the crew.
Gördis Bergstedt and Eva Sondell, Östersund for great help with scene 1.
Mounia Gourrada for great help with scene 4.
All the people working at Storsjöbadet.
Filmpool Jämtland
Margareta Stålhandske, Nämndråd /Kultur, Östersunds kommun
Cathrine Johansson, artistic adviser
Jörgen Nilsson, Project leader, Statens konstråd


Seven waters
Stills from the films


The boy meets a wise man who tells him, if he can move seven stones between seven waters his wish will come true.


Scene 1

The start of his journey, Storsjön. Under water he meets another world.


Scene 2


Scene 3

A water-lily lake


Scene 4


Scene 5



Scene 6

A mountain lake


Scene 7

A bay


A happy ending


» Sharp
» Petter Feltenstedt
» Tony Holm
» Statens Konstråd
» Östersunds kommun

Seven Waters, video installation, Storsjöbadet, Östersund
Photo: Johan Markusson

© Gunilla Leander


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