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MAN HUNT - an investigation and construction of The Real Man

Beeoff / Splintermind 16.4 - 18.5 2003

A computer based work that creates sound and image in real time

By Gunilla Leander and Rosan Bosch.

Presented at:
Kiasma, Helsinki
Atelier Nord, Oslo
Museet For Samtidskunst, Roskilde
HUM-lab, Umeå
The County Museum of Gävle
The Swedish-Finnish School in Haparanda

What is a Real Man?
By collecting and investigating prejudices about the real man we have constructed a person. The stereotype of The Real Man.

The Real Man is alive on Beeoff (www.splintermind.com) for 30 days and is constructed by sounds only. The website houses a library of male sounds connected to prejudices of how a real man sounds. A computer program puts the sounds together at random and creates the life of The Real Man. From pissing sounds to sleeping sounds, from drinking beer in a bar to driving a car. The Real Man drives better than a woman. How does The Real Man sound when driving his car?

Everybody can contribute prejudices about The Real Man on the website. Slowly the prejudices together with the sounds will draw a picture of a person. The generalizing prejudices are transformed into an individual. A person. The Real Man.

Why only sound?
Sound gives you a very direct emotional experience. The physical experience of listening to the sounds makes you become part of The Real Man. It dissolves the distance in between the thought of The Real Man and the reality. All sounds are in realtime. The peeing takes the time it takes The Real Man to pee. The recordings leave nothing out. It´s The Real Sound of The Real Man.

MAN HUNT is the sound of 30 days of the life of The Real Man. It is also a webpage, where one can contribute prejudices and try out different fragments of sound of The Real Man (www.splintermind.com/manhunt).

Prejudices of what a real man is are part of all of us. The Real Man is a ghost alive amongst all of us. MAN HUNT brings our ghost up to the surface, out of the closet and into the daylight. Meet The Real Man.

Max programming: Tore Nilsson

© Gunilla Leander and Rosan Bosch


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