noise gate

Noise Gate

Installation with light and sound

Approximatly 2000 advertising messages reach us every day, TV, jingles, IT, information, radio, computers, "DonĀ“t miss this", hardware, software, zapping, now..... Noise in extreme. A world screaming loader for each day. In this huge flow of events people try to be visible.

Noise Gate is a construction to eliminate noise and disturbances. A solution for frustrated humans to survive a speedy and media noisy society.

noise gate


Sunday - an Art Auction

sunday an art auction

Concept, performance

At this auction I sold out everything I've made until then, paintings, objects, installations, sculptures. Two hundred works of various quality.

Why? I had experienced an increasing dissolution of values in my own and other artists works. Everything I saw remained indifferent. I draw the conclusion, that the constant demand of renewal make ideas old the same minute they are produced.

As a consequence I decided to treat my works as any other consumer product. These works, however good as artworks they were considered, were forfeit.

The auction suited my purpose. Not the cultivated Art auction, (where art has a value) but the more simple form, where you can by everything cheap - if, you are fast enough.

sunday an art auction


Blue Bodies

blue bodies

A work about time

"Blue bodies", two monitors showing videos; one with children playing, one with an old couple, loudspeakers with a quiet heartbeat, pictures of people from a long time ago.






How do you treat a warning sign?

A path is leading out to a field, well-cut, easy to walk. However, hidden are thin wires and the fence is electrified. Several warnings signs warn the visitors to be careful. Do they care? People walk - and stumble, walk and stumble.



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