all under

All Under - video installation

A Video installation for three screens with computer controlled sound.

The video project All Under includes a short film and a video installation.

My intention with this video project has been to describe energy processes. The films show under-water scenes with naked bodies, men and women, struggling, fighting, colliding, attracting and putting each other away. But by neglecting them being people and instead consider them as matter, I have wanted to see if human beings, behavioural patterns, can be looked upon within existing physical laws.

all under

Video installation: Gunilla Leander
Sound installation: Edvard Graham Lewis
Director of Photography: Ulf Aneer
Cast: Therese Bramsén, Kajsa Engblom, Thomas Engblom, Christian Hedlund, David Hertz, Åsa Mattsson
Technical engineers: Petter Feltenstedt, Sebastian Sjögren, Tore Nilsson, Richard Sporrong
Gaffer: Leif Grandell
Special thanks to: Marie-Louise Ekman, Jens Fischer, Eberhard Höll

all under

Premiered at Färgfabriken, Stockholm 2005
Presented at BAC - Baltic Art Center, Visby 2006

Subsidized by:
Framtidens Kultur
Stiftelsen Längmanska Kulturfonden
The Royal University College of Fine Arts, Stockholm

Special Thanks to:
Pioneer Scandinavia, UpSize Rental AB, Luthman Scandinavia

all under


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