This film is built up on sounds. It is about obtaining power and control by means of violence, and the consequences of this.

The story; A group of young men attacks a defenseless guy. First they humiliate him and then they beat him down. The guy is a friendly, non-violent person, but the attack induces aggressive emotions.

We will not see the actual attack, only hear it, and we have to use our "inner film screen" to see what happens. Then we follow the guy's reactions to what happened.


2014 - The 12th IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival, Balchik, Bulgaria
Quote from the film festival through Hristina "...It was screened at the first day of the festival, just after the Official Opening Ceremony. I was in the Stone Hall during that time and I can confirm, that the people loved it. They found your film inspiring and brave".
2013 - Delhi International Film Festival 2013, India, 21-27 December.
2012 - A pre-version was shown in the International Multimedia Art Festival, Yangon, Myanmar.

Director, Producer and Concept: Gunilla Leander
Sound Design: Mikael Beckman-Thoor, Felix Aneer
Directors of Photography: Joakim Pettersson, Lovisa Reeder
Kittirung Numcharoen,
David Falck.
Ludwig Hermansson,
Meric Can Özsirin
Subtitles in English: Sanna Jansson

Duration: 5 min.
Format: High Definition, stereo


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© Gunilla Leander