operation restore hope

Operation Restore Hope

Interactive video with sound, computer and button.

The terrible event that took place 9/11 2001 made me do this work.

An interactive video where the spectator has the possibility to restore history.

Television scenes from the NY terror attack are played on and on; The airplanes coming, the towers falling and the rescue workers. By pressing the button the history is going backwards, ending with the WTC towers standing untouched. The instant you quit the button history continues.

Basic Stamp, Visual Basics: Gunilla Leander, Tore Nilsson


Time Korea

time korea

Video and sound installation

Time Korea is a transfer in place and time.
The larger projection shows today's South Korea . The sound was recorded in the central city of Seoul. The smaller projection shows South Korea 1952, photos taken by the Swedish nurse Ulla Essén.

time korea

time korea




A reflection on reception and interference.

Music by: Sebastian Sjögren
Sound research: Ola Anderstedt
The Hand: Ylva Kullenberg

Screened at:
Emirates Film Competition, Abu Dhabi
In/Between; Localize, Stamsund, Norway
Östersunds konstvideofestival, Sweden
Haninge konsthall, Sweden
Tokyo - Embassy of Sweden, Japan
Osaka Contemporary Art Center, Japan


More films can be seen in the desktop version

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