From the CD sleeve Photo: Alexander Crispin

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Cd Primates, the English version
By Gunilla Leander

Part of the project Primates

CD primates is a unique vocal exposure of so-called "civilized" humans. 45 minutes of a quarrel between a man and a woman, a married couple. Family, work, sex and love - it is, at times, ugly, horrifying, and even funny. How far have humans really evolved?

Tracks: 1| I won´t be gagged 2| Piss off 3| You´re fucking jealous 4| How dare you 5| I love you

Concept, direction and collation: Gunilla Leander
Actors: Vic Bryson, Graham Christopher
Photo: Alexander Crispin
Art Director: Malin Ringblom
Sound Technician: My Häggblom
Sound Editing: Petter Feltenstedt, Gunilla Leander

- I am interested in what takes place under the surface of we humans. The inspiration for this project came from a discussion with a friend, about whether or not humans are innately evil. I said that this is not the case. That humans are driven by a need of self-preservation and self-realisation, and that this is a force which is related to instinct. When our identities are threatened, we fight. My friend maintained the opposite; "Look at all the evil things humans are capable of doing". The discussion resulted in my exhibit Primates Society at the Kalmar Museum of Art in 1997, of which the Swedish version of this argument was a part.


From the CD sleeve Photo: Alexander Crispin

- I have chosen the quarrel as focal-point, because it contains several basic components. Threats and constructs are used as weapons; war from a daily perspective. The quarrel in itself is uninteresting, but within it our human needs are clarified; the needs to be seen, fulfilled and to have a value. It is about survival. When the quarrel is related to our evolutionary instincts - survival and reproduction - it takes on a new perspective.

In the CD sleeve there are texts about the evolution of the primates and a timeline of the Earth's development.


From the CD sleeve Photo: Alexander Crispin

"Lying under the cerebral hemispheres, at the top of the brain stem, are the reptile brain and the brain of the old mammal, which contain the basic survival programs related to flight from danger, hunger, thirst, procreation and parental care. These parts of the human brain evolved between 100 million and 300 million years ago.

Today the cerebral cortex, newest and most important region in the human brain, folds around and smothers the older and more primitive regions. Yet these regions have not been completely overpowered. They remain underneath, no longer in undisputed command of the body, but still active.


All Under - video installation
From the CD sleeve Photo: Alexander Crispin

These primitive parts of the human brain continue to operate in accordance with a stereotyped and unthinking set of programs that go back to the mammals on the forest floor, and back farther still to the reptiles who spawned the mammal tribe.

Experiments have shown that much of the human repertoire of behavior originates in deeply buried regions of the brain that once directed the business of life for our ancestors".
From the book: "The Enchanted Loom, Mind in the Universe"


Subsidized by The Arts Grants Commettee, Sweden
Sponsor for the Cd production: DCM, Digital Communication Media, Sweden

© Gunilla Leander

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