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Primates Society
Kalmar Museum of Art, Sweden 1997

The exhibition was an investigation of the human instincts.
It was built up around sounds, and the visual apperance was weak.
From an open window at the entrance of the museum you could hear a man and a woman viciously quarreling. The realism created insecurity in the visitors. The argument also awoke strong reactions with memories from childhood and own broken relationships.

An ordinary residential property basement was built up in the cellar of the museum; with stores, peoples belongings etc.
Three hidden loud speakers behind air-intakes showed the lifes in the "apartments" above. People shouting, quarrelling, arguing. Scenes that often happens behind closed doors. The visitors became eavesdroppers to events they normally only experience in their own lives.

The exhibition spoke more to our instincts and unconscious mind than to our so highly appreciated intellect.

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Basic Stamp: Petter Feltenstedt

© Gunilla Leander