PRIMATE project
An investigation of the human instincts.

The project includes an exhibition, two Cd's and a web page.

Experiments have shown that much of the human repertoire of behavior originates in deeply buried regions of the brain that once directed the business of life for our ancestors". Jastrow

The inspiration for this project came from a discussion with a friend, about whether or not humans are innately evil. I said that this is not the case. That humans are driven by a need of self-preservation and self-realisation, and that this is a force which is related to instinct. When our identities are threatened, we fight. My friend maintained the opposite; "Look at all the evil things humans are capable of doing".

The discussion resulted in my exhibit 'Primates Society' at the Kalmar Museum of Art in 1997, which was the start of this project.



'Primates Society' exhibition at the Kalmar Museum of Art   | Enter |


From an open window at the entrance of the Museum you could hear a man and a woman viciously quarreling. The realism created insecurity in the visitors.

This quarrel was presented as a separate work on CD when Stockholm was Cultural Capital of Europe 1998. It was presented as part of the project Konstautomaten, where the public could buy art from ordinary candy mashines placed in different public places around the city.



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The project continued in year 2000 with the English version of CD Primates and the web project PRIMATE SOCIETY. The project was subsidized by The Arts Grants Commettee, Sweden.

The English Primate project was released and presented in London May 2000



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