The Social Project


The image with Bianca Cruzeiro and Stefan Sträng is from an ongoing project with the working title Corpus Colori. A film project focusing on our Body Language.

All my projects relate to man from different perspectives.

My films ‘Transparent’ and ‘Handover’ are part of the Social project.

The All Under Project


In this project I have wanted to study the human body as matter, according to the same model as particle physics examines the physical laws.

The video project All Under includes a short film and a video installation.

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The Primate Project


An investigation of the human instincts.

Experiments have shown that much of the human repertoire of behavior originates in deeply buried regions of the brain that once directed the business of life for our ancestors”. Jastrow

The Primates project consist of an exhibition, two CD’s and a web project.

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