Locus Transfer
Sound work

Presented at the art exhibition IN/BETWEEN; LOCALIZE together with Stamsund Internasjonale Teaterfestival, Stamsund, Lofoten, Norway, June 2006.


Locus Transfer is a transfer of time, places and events.


The work includes five sound sections placed in different places in Stamsund.

Sound 1 and 2 are parts of normal life from work to weekend.
Sound 3, 4 and 5 are what comes In/Between

Sound 1
A recording from the subway station T-Centralen in Stockholm in rush hour. The trains were coming every minute. A huge amount of people passing.

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The sound was placed near this bridge.
The bridge seen from the other side.

The subway was heard over the water.


Sound 2
A recording from a birthday party. People were talking, eating, drinking and singing.

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The party sound was placed near an empty space, with no people.


Sound 3
Radio news was heard from an open window of a house near the beautiful bay. The broadcast was about terror attacks, like something had just happened.

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Sound 4
A love scene.
I wanted to pick the "In/Between" sounds from the internet, but here I need to comment. It is very easy to find sound files with murder, criminality, blood and disaster. But love.. At last I found a page with free-standing English words said by both women and men. A course for Asian people to learn the English language. I cut together a love scene of these words.

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The love scene was heard outside the Theater festival office.


Sound 5
A radio was heard behind a hedge. A person zapping between channels. What was heard between the music and crackling were people who talked about crime.

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At this exhibition I also showed the video »Palpus

© Gunilla Leander


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