video still


By Louise Almstedt and Gunilla Leander

A short film about the hardships of love

Cutting doll: Louise Almstedt
Cutting film and singing: Gunilla Leander
Cutting words: Stuart Mayes

Duration: 4 minutes 52 seconds, PAL, stereo
Format: DV, DVD

"You are my sunshine" is copyrighted 1940 Peer International Corporation, words and music by Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell. According to researchers the original song was written by Oliver Hood.

Edited, Final cut 2012, Leagu Media studio in Stockholm

New Zero Art Space/ International Multimedia Art Festival, Yangon, Myanmar
Supermarket, Kulturhuset, Stockholm (2009 version)


Filmed with S-VHS 1994

Louise Almstedt, Gunilla Leander