News 2023
Bodily Signs
* Award Winner 2023 at
shorts@fringe at the Azores Fringe Festival, Portugal, June 2023.

* Near Nazareth Festival, Afula, Israel, Finalist November 2023
* Geneva International Film Festival, Geneva, Switzerland, November 2023, Official Selection
* Official Selection Budapest Movie Awards 2023/24, Budapest, Hungary, October 2023.
* Selected and included in the British Indie Festival Film & Music, London, September 2023
* Honorable Jury Mention at 7th Hollywood World International Film Festival-23
* Special Festival Mention at 7th Indian World Film Festival-23
* Busan New Wave Short Film Festival, South Korea, Finalist 2023

La Mer(de)
» See images and read about La Mer(de), outdoor art installation with plastic.
In the exhibition ”Växlande Vind” at Slipvillan, Stockholm, June 2023.

» See film stills and read about the current short film Bodily Signs.

”Imagination is more important than knowledge.”
Albert Einstein

Updated 2023-11-30