The All Under project includes a short film and a video installation.

In this project I have wanted to study the human body according to the same model as particle physics examines the physical laws.

The films show under-water scenes with naked bodies, men and women, struggling, fighting, colliding, attracting and putting each other away. But by neglecting them being people and instead consider them as matter, I have wanted to see if human beings, behavioural patterns, can be looked upon within existing physical laws.

Particle physics and chaos theories have been my basis and I have tried to find patterns of movements and standards for attraction and repellation. Obviously they are people under water but they also become something else. I believe that my cold attitude towards the material, the none personified bodies, have opened up too many interpretations of the work.


All Under Short film


Out of the void a naked cast clash in violent confrontation…
Bodies collide, miss, twist and embrace. Tense, gripping,
fluid and spinning, All Under evinces a scenario
both dynamic yet melancholy… all asunder… All Under.

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All Under video installation


According to Einstein, mass and energy are equivalent and only two expressions of one and the same phenomenon.



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